Saturday, November 18, 2006

Gecko Turner: Guapapasea!

This album has been out since early this year, so many of you may already know of it, BUT if you have not heard of Gecko Turner, check it out.

'Guapapasea' is a smooth sounding record blending Afro-Cuban percussion, Samba & Flamenco guitars, reggae and even some hip hop elements. Do not expect to be blown away: Turner never comes right out and sings, but kind of speaks in a melodic half-whisper akin to Lou Reed. In fact the title of the album can be translated as "Beauty Walking" and it never really breaks out beyond the rhythm of a casual stroll.

I listen to this album to and from the beach, as I think it is the perfect soundtrack to days filled with surfing and relaxing on the sand. My favorite tracks are "Subterranean Homesick Blues," a Bob Dylan cover that Turner completely reconfigures by singing it in Spanish with a Samba groove, "Te Estas Equivocando," which is a playful, reggae-tinged gem, and "Rainbow Country," the Bob Marley classic performed fairly true to the original with a bit of Flamenco strumming thrown in for fun.

The album is overall a chilled-out, casual mix of songs. When you listen through it almost feels like a bunch of talented friends got together one afternoon and recorded some impromptu jams. This loose feel to the record might get annoying to some who refuse to sit back and let the music soak in, but I think most listeners will be hypnotized by Turner's grooves after 5 songs or so.

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