Monday, February 5, 2007

Mason Jennings: If You Need A Reason

Many artists release EP's with B sides that are of little interest to anyone but uber-fans who want to know everything about the artist, but Mason Jennings has given us 5 solid songs on this recording.

In my opinion the title track probably should have been put on Jennings' last album, 'Boneclouds.' With its catchy melody and chorus it is better than quite a few of the songs that made the cut. The tracks 'Sacred Place' and 'To You' are also very strong, and will please anyone who is already a Mason Jennings fan. The remaining two songs, 'Fighter Girl' and 'Boneclouds' are not horrible, but do seem like early sketches of the ideas Jennings developed for the full album.

For the low cost this EP is definitely worth it, for those unfamiliar with Jennings' work and old fans alike.

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