Thursday, April 12, 2007

the Arcade Fire

In my opinion too many current indie rock bands simply try too hard. The lyrics and music have become forced. It’s like comparing the good Bruce Springsteen to the bad. The good sings- and you believe him. The bad forces un-poetic emotionally driven Americana that barely fills the gaps. I applaud the bands, and singers for that matter, who know how to explore musically- yet stay within themselves. One of these bands is the arcade fire. Before their stint on SNL and postponed celebrity – this band was great. My point- this band is still great. They still push like many indie rock bands, and they do it genuinely and artistically. Lets rewind and go back to their “Funeral” album. This album is pure from start to finish. Listen to the whole thing through, and you’ll feel like you just left a funeral. It is a rollercoaster of sounds and emotions that allows you to transcend your 8 by 8 room for a while. Pick up the cd or check them out on KCRW- they are worth listening to.

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