Monday, January 22, 2007

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

I recently discovered Clap Your Hands Say Yeah ("CYHSY") and cannot believe that this record has been out since the Fall of 2005. Also, apparently they have just released a new record that I am looking forward to hearing once I can take their first self-titled album off repeat.

This record is filled with interesting arrangements, strong melodies, and a voice that is often compared to David Byrne, which is right on, but I would add a dash of Thom Yorke because the vocals have that hypnotically-erie quality to them. This is especially evident in the track "Is This Love?" which might be my favorite on what is a very strong album.

Naysayers will smugly point out that they have heard this sound before, and they are probably right. That takes nothing away from the album, however, as CYHSY mixes the familiar ingredients with such skill that the songs are unquestionably their own.

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