Monday, January 8, 2007

What Made Milwaukee Famous: Trying to Never Catch Up

What Made Milwaukee Famous ('WMMF'), a band from Austin, Texas has made a record that sounds like rock should. 'Trying to Never Catch Up' is full of catchy melodies, interesting arrangements and good studio performances, all topped off by solid vocals with great range. The band even makes an effort by penning interesting, albeit often dark, lyrics. WMMF has achieved something that few bands can do these days: composed an album of consistently good songs. In my opinion, there is not a run away single on this record, which is nice because that helps the album work as a whole. It is very difficult to listen to just one random song on the album--I think I have listened to it all the way through almost everytime I have played it.

WMMF mixes pop, rock, and punk effortlessly and the result is what I think is one of the best rock albums to come out last year. "Sweet Lady," and "Hellodrama" are probably my favorite tracks, but as I have said, there really is not a sour note on the album. In fact, my only concern is that this is a rerelease of a 2004 album by their new label, by which I mean that either 1) the group may already be heading a different direction artistically, or 2) they may have tapped themselves out of good / original ideas. When bands emerge with such a strong debut album I wonder if they can ever live up to the high expectations they have created for their next release . . . and WMMF has set the bar high.

But hey, let's not worry about the band's future and just enjoy the music while it's fresh.

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