Sunday, September 12, 2010

Florence + The Machine: Cosmic Love

Florence Welch and her band have a layered and dramatic pop sound with an irresistible presentation.  Welch's edgy voice drives the music and has a tremendous range, from breathy whispers to out-of-control (but in tune) screams.  The single below, Cosmic Love, was released in July and is off their album, Lungs.


Walter J. said...

The best Florence tune is "Dog Days Are Over" which was first played in the UK at the tail end of 2008. The "Lungs" album was released over a year ago over there, hit number one, and is four times platinum in the UK. In the US it reached #44.

SBB said...

@ walter J. That's totally debatable. maybe dog days is more popular but that is only because it has a poppy sound IMHO. not to mention that the video for that song is crap.

Anonymous said...

who knew about this band until the vmas anyways.