Friday, December 22, 2006

Shonen Knife

Shonen Knife is an all female j-rock trio that is worth checking out (J-rock is Japanese rock music). Some j-rockers try hard to appease the familiar tastes of the American palette, no doubt for fiscal stardom – but Shonen Knife stays true to their musical chi. They are three cool girls who want to rock, and in conjunction with their own musical tastes- sing and jam like an American alternative band. In a strange way there is something so pleasantly original and irresistible about these girls singing in broken English - in union with some animated guitar playing and bubbly drumming. Their gentile sounds are only a guise – when Naoko Yamano sings I hear a censored rock and roll rage that riles me up. I can’t get enough of their sound. Check them out first to pacify your own curiosity and second because they are good. I can’t compare them to any band I know- yet they remind me of every band I like. Enjoy.

Current repeat- “I am a cat”

Coming soon- A House


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