Thursday, December 7, 2006

The Yeah Yeah Yeah's

I can’t stop listening to “Maps” by the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s. This is a great song. Great build-up- successful repetitions- active beats- and a sexy voice. The sounds of this New York City based trio- comprised of Karen O, Brian Chase, and Nick Zinner- can best be tagged as art punk- as if you combined the climate of the Velvet Underground with the raw emotion of the Strokes – fronted by Deborah Harry. Their 2006 release, Show Your Bones, does not disappoint. “Gold Lion” is a can’t-miss song- and the newest Yeah Yeah Yeah’s song I can’t get enough of. Karen O is eerily reminiscent of Kim Deal during the Pixie’s prime- and this band- in my opinion will follow in their footsteps.

They make you feel so many different things- all good. Check them out- they are for real.

Current repeat- “Gold Lion”

Coming Soon- Shonen Knife


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Anonymous said...

awesome song, itunes has a killer liver version too